Pruning Partners

Educating  local businesses on the economic impact of street trees

Pruning Partners

Potential customers can’t see your business due to low hanging limbs? Street tree limbs touching cars as they drive by or park? Our Pruning Partners program may be able to help at no cost to you!

Street trees have been proven to increase economic revenue for retail zones, increase property value, and create a more walkable environment which increases commerce for our community. Proper pruning creates a stronger structure for strong, healthy trees, preventing storm damage, line of sight challenges, and beautify your business. West Lafayette Trees and Landscape Ordinance requires trees along parking lot perimeters, in public right-of-ways, and often within the parking lot to shade asphalt and for stormwater mitigation for impervious surfaces. Why not also be an asset to your business as well?

How We Can Help

If you have trees on your commercial business, such as street trees and trees in parking lots, we can help with your pruning needs! We gather our volunteers and prune trees for road and parking lot clearance issues, so your business is more visible and walkable for your customers. Property owners are responsible for removing trimmed branches off-site and cannot be placed in the road for Street and Sanitation Department yard collection. Interested in this program? Reach out to start a conversation today!

Concerned about the health of your trees in public right of way? Contact the City Arborist for an inspection. For larger tree pruning care outside the public right-of-way, we recommend contacting a Certified Arborist for consultation.

Before Pruning Partners
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