Operation Re-Leaf

Annual Tree Planting Program

Every year, West Lafayette Tree Friends partners with the City to plant street trees in the public right-of-way, through a program called Operation Re-leaf. Your donations to West Lafayette Tree Friends match the City dollar-to-dollar, providing free street trees for residents in West Lafayette. This planting program aims to replace trees that have been removed – such as ash trees from Emerald ash borer – and add trees where there is not an existing tree canopy. Thank you for your continued support!

We have been excited to see so many requests for new trees in West Lafayette. To better meet this demand, we have created the Operation Re-Leaf Tree Application, in order to better process requests and to plant more trees. The application is free, allows the applicant to pick their top two choices of tree species, as well as offers training on how to properly water your newly planted, free street tree.

For more information on the program or questions on the application, contact the Community Forestry and Greenspace Manager.


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