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It takes a village to care for our urban forest!

Working Committees

We could not do what we do without our dedicated members and our working committees. These committees are made up of members and volunteers and meet outside our regular monthly meetings. Chairs of committees inform the membership of their efforts and keep us on track. Interested in learning more? See below for a list of our existing committees.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is made of the following chair positions noted in the WLTF by-laws: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, City Staff to WLTF, and one member (at-large) elected by members of WLTF. This committee meets as needed between monthly meetings to conduct regular business on behalf of WLTF members and reports to the full membership during the following public, monthly meeting.

Fundraising Committee: The Fundraising Committee is a working group that meets to administer annual fundraisers and specialty fundraising projects that support our urban forest.

Urban Leaves Newsletter Committee: The Urban Leaves Newsletter Committee develops the quarterly newsletter, along with City Staff.

Tree Scouts: The Tree Scouts work with City Staff to “scout” for potential planting areas and pruning needs. Contact for more information!


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