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Tribute Tree Program

Humans love trees. They are stately symbols of enduring beauty, health, prosperity, and longevity. Because of this love affair between humans and trees, there is a long and world-wide tradition of people planting trees as a way to honor those they love, admire, or respect. Consequently, the West Lafayette Tree Friends offer the “Tribute Trees” program to the West Lafayette Community.

The Tribute Trees program is a way for you to honor someone (or a group) by planting a tree to say we love you, we admire what you have done in your life, or we respect your accomplishments. Tribute trees can be used to honor many occasions such as retirements, significant accomplishments, the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary, the recognition of a beloved teacher, the celebration of a long-time and meaningful friendship, or the passing of a loved one. The only limit to planting a tribute tree is your imagination. A tribute tree not only honors the person, it also honors your community by adding a new tree to our urban forest with all the benefits trees bring.

How it Works

  • Participants wishing to plant a tribute tree are asked to donate $400.00 to the West Lafayette Tree Friends. In the future, this amount may change depending on the cost of trees in the landscaping market. Any changes will be reflected on this page.
  • These funds are used to cover the costs of helping you locate a site for your tree, helping you choose an appropriate tree, purchasing the tree, and getting your tree planted. After covering those costs, any remaining funds will be used by the Tree Friends to nurture and protect West Lafayette’s urban forest.
  • Tribute trees must be planted on public property such as street trees. A tribute tree’s location will depend on the desires of the donor and the availability of planting sites.
  • You’ll work with the program coordinator to fashion a short commemorative inscription, e.g. “In gratitude for Paul Bunyan’s service, 1900-1940”. That will be inscribed on a leaf-shaped, engraved plaque and hung from a limb in your Tribute Tree.
  • A duplicate of this plaque will also be given to the donor, or to a person of your choosing, as a memento of the planting.
  • Finally, all tribute trees automatically become part of the West Lafayette Tree Friends’ tree maintenance program. This means that the tree will receive scheduled care such as mulching and pruning.

Ready to Honor Someone?

If you have questions or would like to consider planting a tribute tree, contact the program coordinator, at The coordinator will be happy to answer questions and help you through the process of planting a Tribute Tree. Use the button below to submit your gift of $400.00 to begin the process!

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